Luca Zeni was born in Lodi , Italy on 22.10.1984.
He was raised in the Milan area though initially had no interest in music, preferring to play basketball or football.
He began playing the guitar and singing when he was ten/eleven after his uncle began teaching him the basic chords on a guitar and after he started to listen rock music during the 90’s especially his first love for brit pop music.
He used to play bass sometimes also only for fun with some friends and an extreme love for the motorsports world.
Luca Zeni start playing alone in the room and write a lot of songs for himself in 2009-2010 start to playing and singing in the friends bands called SuperLuminal Radio Sources and Tha Lazarus Trousers.
No addicted to the business music and after over 10years in the “office” decide to come back to the songwriting and make and LP.
He released his debut album in 2014 with name ” The Sun and the Rain “

Totally self-published